The duo hoped to collect donations, recruit volunteers, and raise awareness about our services to the community. They partnered with Hollie San Julian and The Lemonade {Stand} for a Cause in order to raise money by providing lemonade, cookies, and glow sticks at the movies. The events attracted children, parents, and youth alike and now more families in Sahuarita are familiar with our organization and our cause. This is important as we move forward and look to expand our relationship with families in this community.

 Earlier this summer, Barb Eyre and the “New Steps Committee” at The Good Shepherd Church initiated a backpack drive to support low-income students at Sahuarita Primary School. The Committee was formed shortly after the Robin Meyers Conference, when church goers were urged to make a more positive impact throughout the community, like backing up a local school. 

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Backpacks have and will be donated to Sahuarita Primary School, where they will be stored in the teachers’ lounge. When a teacher notices that a qualifying student has an old, tattered backpack, he/she will privately give the student the new one and discard the old one.  It is up to the teacher’s discretion whether a student receives a backpack. However, many of those qualifying students will probably already be receiving food through the BackPack Program, which is dedicated to alleviating students’ hunger on the weekends when they are out of school. It is a generous measure on behalf of Barb, the New Steps Committee, and those who are donating backpacks to help address a poverty-stressor on parents who are struggling to make it by and who care a lot about their children. So far 34 backpacks have been donated. As the summer rages on through August and September, The Sahuarita Food Bank will be involved in a lot of exciting things. One, the Board of Directors is exploring the possibility of adding on another school to the Backpack Program to reach out to more hungry kids either this year or the next. Two, the United Community Health Clinic will be providing client transport for residents of the Summit View area who want to shop at our food bank. While clients are en route to the food bank, they will receive nutrition education by a paid professional. It is an experiment designed to help empower clients to get the food they need and the knowledge to make healthier eating habits. Keep an eye and ear out to learn more about what’s going on at the Sahuarita Food Bank this year and how you can get involved! Stay cool!

​Community donations of plastic grocery bags, empty egg cartons, toiletries, and of course, food, have all been greatly appreciated. 836 pounds of food were donated from church members and others from the community.

 We welcomed on several new volunteers who have answered the call to assist our summer operations during this time of need. There has been a pleasant blend of new and experienced volunteers, including both youth and seniors. Having enough shoppers and people back in the kitchen to repackage goods has been a blessing, and we have been lucky to receive similar commitments from volunteers who go to Agency Market to pick up the majority of our food donations. The struggle is real, but so is the teamwork.  Eric Du and Alma Anderson attended a couple of the “Movie under the Stars” events that Rancho Sahuarita has hosted for resident families. 

Apart from the Emergency Food Boxes we distributed, we provided 11,450 pounds of food to our clients just in the month of June. THAT weighs about the same as the average male elephant.

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