1. Are the Community Food Bank-Green Valley and the Sahuarita Food Bank the same organization?

No. The Community Food Bank-Green Valley is a direct branch of the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona in Tucson. The Sahuarita Food Bank is an independent agency of the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, and we receive the majority of our food donations from its Agency Market program. Therefore, we are a separate entity, but all food banks serve the same mission of feeding hungry people.

2. What is the age requirement for volunteering?

We can accept volunteers as young as 16 years of age, and will require them to submit a signature from a parent or guardian on his/her application. If a child younger than 16 wants to volunteer and experience what it's like at a food bank, parental supervision is required at all times. These requirements are to ensure the safety of all volunteers.

3. Do all food banks operate in the same manner?

Some food banks allow one visit per month. The Sahuarita Food Bank strives to obtain enough for two monthly visits. 

Food banks distribute the food they have been to obtain, so offerings may differ from visit to visit. The Sahuarita Food Bank provides for choice of specific food items, when available.