Confidentiality Statement

The Sahuarita Food Bank is responsible for all personal information in its custody and under its control. This includes client, volunteer, donor and employee information. 


1. The Board of Directors is designated to ensure that the Sahuarita Food Bank remains in compliance with this policy. 


2. Personal information will be obtained for reasonable purposes and only as much as is reasonable for those purposes.


3. Personal information will be disclosed or used for reasonable purposes, and those purposes will be shared with the individual prior to disclosure or use. 


4. Consent will be implied unless the individual expressly prohibits the use of information for the disclosure and use shared by the Sahuarita Food Bank.


5. Occasionally, individuals or organizations may request to see what information about themselves the Sahuarita Food Bank has gathered. In that event, the Sahuarita Food Bank will provide information about the existence, use or disclosure of the information and provide access to that information, if reasonable.


6. The Sahuarita Food bank will make every reasonable effort to maintain accurate information and will, on request, correct information that is inaccurate.


7. The Sahuarita Food Bank will ensure personal information is reasonably secure and keep the information only as long as is reasonable.