FREE                              All Occasion Cards to Support Your Local Food Bank
You know the drill. You have a special occasion to buy a card for, and you have five minutes to pick a meaningful card out of a sea of 100 or so. You finally find one and you look at the price tag...  $4.00!  With that money, you could have bought – for the food bank - FOUR bags of beans or jars of peanut butter or cans of pasta sauce or rolls of toilet paper...
And then – gah – you arrive at your special occasion with your card – “No Gifts Please” – and realize that more than HALF THE CARDS ARE THE SAME AS YOURS!  And at the end of the day or week, they are all going into the recycle bin anyway. What to do?
Puzzle no longer! Your Sahuarita Food Bank now offers an extensive line of FREE cards for all occasions! (And if we’ve missed one, let us know.) And every card comes with your promise inside to donate $4 dollars’ worth of much needed items to the local food bank. You simple download and print off a card, fold it, fill it out, and give it. And, of course, then give what you promised to your local food bank. (And you can make an envelope really easily.) Check out
Thank you to Barb Hunt for designing these cards and Jan Steven for coming up with the concepts.